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Embedded Robotics Training


Robotics is a field of engineering that deal with design and application of robots and the use of computer for their manipulation and processing. Robots are used in industries for speeding up the manufacturing process. They are also used in the field of nuclear science, sea-exploration, servicing of transmission electric signals, designing of bio-medical equipments etc. Robotics requires the application of computer integrated manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biological mechanics, software engineering and the like.

Ever consider the Future of Robotics? What will it really be like? Did Science Fiction get it right, if not how close were they? Will robots be everywhere and involved in every aspect of life? Will robots eventually take over all the modern Factories; will robots be making robots too? Which sectors will we see robots excel in? Will we see more?

. Robots in Commerce - Retail, Services, Fields,
. Robots in the home - Maids, Washing Car, Doing Chores, Mowing the Lawn,
. Robots in Security - Guards, Guard Dogs, Bomb Sniffers, Bomb Squads,
. Robots to the Rescue - FEMA, Earthquake, Hurricanes, Wild Fires
. Robots for the Weather and Environment - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
. Robots in Transportation - Light Rail, Cars, Aircraft
. Robots in Distribution - Trains, Warehouses
. Robotic Androids - Assistants, Mentors, Educators
. Robots and Artificial Intelligence - Thinking Machines and Systems
. Robots in the Military - Smart Munitions, Net-Centric Systems, UAVs

As you can see from this partial list, this subject; The Future of Robotics indeed warrants a bit of discussion on this subject. The Robots and Robotics of the future will shape our societies and civilizations forever. Are we ready for the runway ahead? Who will design, build, market and repair all these robots and robotic machines? Is our education system up for the challenge to fulfill the future needs in these industries?

Let us contemplate the changes in life style, standard of living and quality of life, as robots do our dirty work, do our jobs and simplify our lives. We must now consider this future, as it is rapidly approaching and has already started, soon it will be; Robots, Robots Everywhere.

Robotics enhances the creative and logical abilities of a student. It turns dreams into reality. The basic aim of our initiative is to encourage young technocrats to have a wider vision as far as robotics is concerned. With our short term professional courses, we ensure that the students get a hand over basic electronics, mechanics and computer programming for robot motion control and Embedded Robotics.

The students will learn the basics concepts and will gain the practical experience while working on the kits specially developed by us. Special hands-on sessions and competitions will give them the insight of participating in case studies adopted in international events.

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